The pop musician, who had long been away from his ongoing activities in the field of album production and holding a concert, promissed his fans for one year.

Speaking to the pop music scene, Shahab Ramezan, referring to his latest music performance, said: “I’ve been producing single tracks for the release of cyberspace for some time now, which I think will be available to enthusiasts from July. We’re also planning to create a new album to begin work soon.

He also explained about the scheduling of concerts: “Due to the plans we have made, there are plenty of live performances, but because we can not declare the exact date in this space, then I prefer the program to be finalized.” Concerts are about to inform them.

Ramezan argued for a relatively long delay in its musical activities: there was no problem for this long absence. Just because we were going to serve newcomers to the fans for a while, I was missing for some time, and this shortcoming would soon end with new work, and I I promise to fans that by the end of the year there are many days ahead of us and they are waiting for new things.

The Shahab of Ramezan has been one of the most active pop music performers in recent years, which began its first musical activities with trailer films and cinematic productions, during which time directors like Kazem Masoumi, Arash Moeirian, Mansour Akbar Fallah and Isma’il Fallah In the films “Ooham”, “Poison and Antidote”, “Smell of Soil”, “The Secret” and “Lollipop” collaborated.

In recent years, he has been a composer with artists such as Mohammad Alizadeh, Sirvan Khosravi, Behnam Safavi, Hamid Askari, Amin Rostami, Iman Qiaisi, Amir Yeganeh, Nader Meschi, Behrang Bahadorzadeh, Ramin Bibak, Aria Jahan Mirzaei, Kourosh Moghimi, Toufan Karami, Hamid Pirouznia has been a regular contributor.

Reading titles for several television series and production of two albums, “Romantic” and “Lonely Celebration”, including his other activities in the field of music. At the 2nd annual “Our Music”, she received the Best Pop Song Prize for “Lonely Celebration” and “28” albums.