Shahab Ramezan

Pop Singer and Composer
Biography of Shahab Ramezan
Shahab Ramezan was born in 1358 in Tehran. His passion for music in childhood and the support and encouragement of his parents, who always owes them to themselves, led to the study of music by leading professors such as Mehdi Shams Niknam and André Moradian in the field of singing music and piano.

Shahab Ramezan started his first works in collaboration with Afagh-Film (soundtrack) in the cinematic telephoto, and continued his activities with prominent directors such as Kazem Masoumi, Arash Mo’airian, Mansour Akbar Fallah and Ismail Fallahpour in Ooham, Poison and Antidotes, The smell of soil, the secret of lollipop.

The Shahab Ramezan in 2007 at the Tasnim Radio Festival in the field of the Pope presented two selected works by Mohammad Alizadeh and Kaveh Danesh. During the years of his activities, Shahab Ramezan has been working for artists such as Sirvan Khosravi, Behnam Safavi, Hamid Askari, Amin Rostami, Iman Qiasi, Amir Yeganeh, Nader Meschi, Behrang Bahadorzadeh, Ramin Bibak, Aria Mir Hossei, Kourosh Moghimi, Toufan Karami, Hamid Pirouznia He has been a composer of services.

During this period, Ramadan met with Sirvan Khosravi and Zanian Khosravi, and in late 2007, he began the production of his musical album called the Romantic, which Sirvan Khosravi was responsible for arranging and composing himself. He published his second album, The Lonely Celebration in 1392, with parts by the composer himself and Sirvan Khosravi, and the settings of Sirvan and Zanjan Khosravi.

The first album of Shahab Ramadan (romantic) was introduced to our annual annual music festival as the phenomenon of the year. He also received the title of the best pop composer for compilation of the lonely and 28th anniversary album (Zanian Khosravi) from our second annual music concert.

He was in attendance on the program of the program of the Islamic Republic of Iran Network 1 and was interviewed about the music, activities and personal life of the program. Shahab has repeatedly announced the name of Sirvan Khosravi in ​​order to be Mehri for confirmation of his friendship with Sirvan and Zaniar Khosravi. He has two brothers, one in the bodybuilding profession and one in modeling.

Jashne Tanhaei

Song name Songwriter Composer Regulators
Lahzeha Amir Yeganeh Amir Yeganeh Sirvan Khosravi
Khoshbakhtam Hossein Ghiasi Sirvan Khosravi Sirvan Khosravi
Ashegh Koshoon Amir Arjini Shahab Ramezan Sirvan Khosravi
Halam Khoobe Amir Yeganeh Amir Yeganeh Zaniar Khosravi
Ghame Eshgh Amir Arjini Sirvan Khosravi Sirvan Khosravi
Khooneh Hossein Safa Shahab Ramezan Zaniar Khosravi
Khab Hossein Safa Shahab Ramezan and Sirvan Khosravi Sirvan Khosravi
Akharin Lahze Amir Arjini Shahab Ramezan Zaniar Khosravi
Sahme Man Ali Estiri Saeid Sam Sirvan Khosravi
Ghesmat Ali Bahreini Shahab Ramezan and Sirvan Khosravi Sirvan Khosravi
Jashne Tanhaei Amir Arjini Shahab Ramezan Sirvan Khosravi


Song name Songwriter Composer Regulators
Dobare Bia Ali Bahreini Zaniar Khosravi and Shahab ramezan Sirvan Khosravi
Inam Az To Bahare Mokram Shahab Ramezan Sirvan Khosravi
Pashimooni Amir Arjini Shahab Ramezan Sirvan Khosravi
Chesham Toro Mibine Mohammad Kazemi Shahab Ramezan Sirvan Khosravi
Khodam Fadat Misham Ali Bahreini Zaniar Khosravi Sirvan Khosravi
Hanoozam Ashegham Amir Arjini Shahab Ramezan Sirvan Khosravi
Romantic Amir Arjini Shahab Ramezan Sirvan Khosravi
Takide O Tanha Amir Arjini Shahab Ramezan Sirvan Khosravi
Az Daste To Narahatam Ali Bahreini Shahab Ramezan Sirvan Khosravi
Bebakhsh O Begzar Amir Arjini Shahab Ramezan Sirvan Khosravi
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